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Plain wall paints can sometimes be boring so you might want to spice it up by creating pleasing patterns. Most DIY enthusiasts love looking up for some painting techniques when planning to redesign their home.

Of course, you can still use a variety of colors depending on your taste. But the most interesting part is that you’ll make it more creative using a combination of lines and shapes. Though this would definitely take some time to finish, it will absolutely be worth it.

In this article, some decorative painting techniques were gathered to help you redesign your home for a more pleasing finish.


You might be familiar with ombre as a hair color combination that shifts from a color to a lighter one. But aside from your hair, it can also be applied as a decorative wall treatment. Ombre refers to the wall painting technique that starts with a single color and slowly shifts into another.

This painting technique gives a dreamy vibe and a watercolor-like finish since it connects two different colors. To achieve a perfect ombre wall, you need to choose the right color combination. Some of the best colors are as follows:

• White and blue
• Sky blue and turquoise
• Pink and white
• Lavender and white
Metallic blocks
Wall painting with metallic blocks will surely make your visitors stop and stare. The most interesting part of this decorative technique is that there are so many ways on how you can do it. You can paint the entire wall with a metallic color then add blocks to give it an amazing look.

You can also apply different accents depending on your style. If you don’t like blocks or any other shapes, you can just simply paint it with metallic hues alone and match it with some minimalist frames or other wall decors.


Wall stenciling is one of the best ways to imitate an expensive wallpaper. This adds sophistication to your space without the need of hiring an expert to do it for you. Instead of vinyl decals, you can paint your preferred patterns to your wall using stencils. Indeed, this decorative technique is a great way to save money while making sure your wall looks fancy.

To achieve an amazing wall, all you need to do is to buy a wall stencil depending on the pattern you prefer, stick it to your wall and start painting through the pattern. If you don’t have much idea on what pattern would perfectly fit your wall, you can check some examples online and use them as reference.


A harlequin wall painting is a geometric pattern that’s perfect for your home if you’re a fan of modern or retro designs. This painting technique involves diamond-shaped patterns painted with two or more contrasting colors. Its finish gives the feeling of sophistication and vibrance that makes it perfect for your kitchen or bedroom.

The secret to achieving a sophisticated look is to choose the best color combination for your harlequin wall. Some color ideas are as follows:

• Yellow and white
• Black, gray and white
• Blue and white
• Pink and white


Strie is a French word that means “streaking.” This is one of the most commonly used painting techniques that gives your wall a fancy look. You can paint it vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference with its finish that imitates a linen fabric.

This decorative painting technique is mostly used in bedrooms and living rooms which gives a warm vibe.

These wall paintings can give your walls a different texture and a fancier look. This is your best option if you want to step up from plain-colored walls to a more delighting design. Also, doing it on your own is not just the most cost-effective, but also an enjoying and fulfilling way to achieve a creative look.

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