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There are so many ways on how you can remodel your living room and painting is one of them. Unlike investing on new furniture and living room accessories, paint is less expensive and can easily be changed whenever you feel like redesigning your place again.

However, deciding on what color to paint in your living room is challenging. And the fact that it’s the spot in your house that gets all the eyes especially when you have visitors makes it even more difficult. You want it to look warm and pleasing to the eye so you must select the right color. This is according to an expert from a painting company in Frankston.

When it comes to painting your living room, go for colors that impress you as you enter the room. You can also select colors that can help exaggerate the space while making it feel comfortable and inviting. Read along and discover some eye-pleasing color ideas you can use for your living room.

Why is selecting the right color important?

Painting your home with the right color is important. Selecting the shade you love will save you a lot of time and money it takes once you decide to redo the whole space. To ensure the success of your living room makeover, you need to gather some tips on picking the right paint color.


Green evokes harmony and renewal. Since it immitates the colors of nature, this is one of the best colors perfect for your living room. It’s warm and a great substitute for plants if you don’t have some. This will surely give life to your living room which can also catch the eyes of your visitors.

Black and white

The classic combination of black and white could never go out of style. Black is the most obvious color for a living room, and that’s what makes it perfect. But black alone can be overly dramatic so you can add some white paint for contrast.

If your room gets a lot of sun, you can let black dominate most of the space. But if not, you can maximize white to give a glare of natural light.


One way to spice up your plain living room is by adding some warm gray color. This gives your living room the feeling of elegance and serenity. Gray walls also make your living room more spacious and comfortable.

This will also help you turn your living room from boring to bold and beautiful. You can also match it with a wallpaper that features the same hue.


Blue is a calming and stabilizing color so it’s a perfect option if you’re planning to repaint your living room. There are so many different shades of blue and almost all of them fit with neutral colors like brown and cream. If you have hardwood floors and wood crafted furniture, splashing your living room walls with blue is a stylish choice.

Also, a blue wall evokes cleanliness and organization. If you want to give your visitors a warm vibe, go for this color.


Beige is one of the best colors to choose if you want a neutral color for your living room. Its shade that sets away from white evokes the simplicity of raw fabrics. Also, this color is a perfect choice for minimalists.

To complete your living room’s minimalist look, populate it with furniture in different shades of white. With a beige wall, you can produce a stunning and classy living room.

You can always consult an expert when choosing the right paint color for your living room. This will not just help you decide, but can also help you save your resources by having clear insights on what your living room will look like after the painting project.

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