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Choosing the perfect color for your room is one of the most important things you should consider when redesigning your home.

Your bedroom is the place in your home that is only for you. This is your safe space so you want to color it with something that’s pleasing and calming to the eyes. So choosing the perfect color for your room is one of the most important things you should consider when redesigning your home.

Not all colors are suitable for your room. Before diving into the painting process, you should learn the basics first, including the colors you should avoid.


Red is a strong color. It evokes energy, passion, excitement and anger. Therefore, this color can boost your energy which can lead to difficulty in sleeping. Red hues are not intended for rooms since it’s not a calming color. What you should pick are those warm shades that are not too strong to the eyes.

But if you really want a shade of red in your room, you can go for lighter shades instead. What’s important is that the color is not that heavy to the eyes.


Orange is a color of brightness and vitality. Just like red, it triggers high energy and strong emotions so it’s a more ideal color for a playroom or a gym, and definitely not for a bedroom. Your room should be a place where you can peacefully take a rest so you must select a soothing paint color instead of painting it with strong hues.

Too much orange can also trigger irritation and frustrating feelings which can make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Bright green

Another color to avoid when painting your bedroom are neon colors like bright green. Bedroom should be a serene place for you to relax since it’s the spot in your home where you sleep most of the time. But imagine entering a bright-colored room and you suddenly don’t want to sleep anymore. This will also keep you up the whole night even with the lights off.


Yellow is a lively and vibrant color that stimulates your senses. This color imitates the shade of the sun that’s good to start your day, but it will also be the color that will keep you up all night. This is not helpful especially if you want to have a good rest and a tight sleep. When picking a color for your room, always go for some muted shades.

Dark brown

Dark brown is one of the best colors for home interiors especially for living rooms if you want to imitate a wooden house. But it’s not advisable to paint your room with this color since too much brown can evoke gloom and confinement. Also, dark shades can make you feel tired even during mornings which can make it hard for you to get up from bed.

If you love brown that much, you can opt for a lighter shade instead for your bedroom so it’s not that heavy to the feeling.


Most people opt for white as the color of their bedrooms since it evokes peace, cleanliness and light. But too much white in your room can trigger a cold and sterile feeling which opposes the warm feeling you want your room to evoke.

While white is not that good as a dominant color for your room, you can still produce an aesthetic vibe by opting for beige or tan instead. These colors are warm, relaxing and serene that can help you calm yourself before bedtime.

When it comes to painting your room, you don’t just pick the colors you love. It’s important to make sure the shade you’ll use won’t distract you from getting a good sleep. Afterall, your bedroom should be the calmest place in your home where you can take a rest anytime you want to.

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