We step straight into our client's shoes for a moment and ask ourselves...'would this be a space where we'd love to spend time, engage with or feel at home?' Our designs always respond to our basic needs as humans, not only as designers. Comfort and sustainability are key. Collaboration is also a cornerstone of our practice. Every project is unique and requires different skills so a multi-disciplinary, shared skills and ideas approach is fundamental to the way we work every day.  

Each of our projects is managed by one  Director according to the project type: Interior Architecture/Design or Landscape Architecture. However, our designs will always emerge from a collaboration between the two Directors and our team. This approach continues throughout the design process in the form of internal reviews and critiques to ensure design rigour and quality on each project. 


Some things Amber Road can design for you:

Interiors and shared rooftop spaces for a 30-apartment inner-urban, adaptive reuse development, a cross generational coastal hideaway, a cool Miami boutique hotel and an urban park in Spain. 

An extraordinary garden, a burger restaurant, a sushi bar,  a gym chain, a reworked mid century house by the beach, a bench, a bathroom, a tea cup, a lamp, an art deco house and the interiors of a sleek new house to show off your contemporary art collection to perfection.