Strategic architectural alterations to this Redfern terrace prompted the client’s desire to enhance the appeal and useability of its outdoor areas; of which, to the rear, it had just established a far more intimate relationship.

Working with key existing site features including: a Frangipani tree, stately Lemon Scented Gum, heritage sandstone blocks, as well as the client’s very own plant collection, we went to work.

The home’s address was transformed employing a select range of plantings to create a textural, layered welcome mat, framed by the Frangipani and making reference to the tones and colours of the existing well-loved entry path.

To the rear, we focused on creating a veritable oasis employing edible, decorative as well as native plants. Reclaimed railway sleepers create an arrival deck to the rear of the block and supports a storage area of bikes & integrated seat, sandstone blocks were re -used to create a meandering path through the garden and corten steel forms used to create raised beds and a herb spiral for their edibles. Climbing plants on frames were employed to engulf and green the existing fences.

"An engaged and enthusiastic client made for a dream job. We revel in visiting the garden from time to time to observe it transform with the seasons and contribute to its ongoing evolution and growth"


                                                                                                                            - Katy



Images by Nicholas Watt | Landscape Contractor Outdoor Establishments | Architect - Lean Productions