Parramatta City Council sought a bold, experimental project with vision as means to temporarily [3-5 year life span] activate this under-appreciated and under-utilsed retail strip and its rear lane [located to the south of Parramatta Railway Station] whilst developing longer term plans for the realisation of its Civic Centre project. Drawing on the richness of the site's history as well as the colourful, cultural diversity that predominates current day Parramatta, the team worked with Council to deliver a multi-faceted scheme involving the introduction of a new retail activators as well as more 'artful' and strategic interventions.

" We worked hand in hand with Lymesmith from the beginning of the design process to strategically locate street furniture, climbing plants and cascading native grasses + accent plants. Together, we managed to create a truly 'particular place'."

- Katy

Images by Sonia van de Haar | Head Consultant Lymesmith